I had no idea for a journal's title ):

I think I will clean up my entries and mostly using this place for posting sketches. Probably homeworks too, related to 3D and drawings. -w-

More artwork =)
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I'm addicted.

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Batmant art!!
I've decided to show some Batman drawings I did so far.

The two first are the most recents and are Nolanverse. (TDK)

The last one is the oldest (the first I ever did) and from the recent Batman serie. (TB)

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Been forever .__.'
Hmm... been a while again since I've been on livejournal.. :/

Well.. honestly I don't find it useful anymore.^^' I'm not the type to writhe my emotions or though on a ' blog' anymore, except in very rare occasions. I'm more motivated to writhe down a public journal when it'll be about my comics or art project.

Also, I've realized; the other reasons I find to stay, is to go into communities that share the same interest as mine. And talking to people who share the same as well.^^

Right now, I'm a big fan of Batman because of my friend. xD Ever since we watched the movie in fact, and since we wan't to make a comic book one day, we though it'd be a great idea to start with fan comics. Guess who it'll be about... XD'

Anyway, I can't wait to continue. XD I've already finished one page, but I'll wait to have at least three or four more before posting them in the comms and deviantART.. ^^
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It's... too... cute... D:

Back (yes again xD)
I don't know what's wrong with me. XD I just keep forgeting that I have a livejournal. *head desk*

Anywaaay.. what should I say?

I've become an Akatsuki addict x) AND I've progressed with my art! Just look by yourself!

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Merry Christmas to all!!! :D

So here it is, merry Christmas,
Everybody's having fun.
Look to the Sparrington now,
It's only just begun.

Merry Christmas
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :

*snigger* Oh wow. *reads it a second time* Oh wooow!! XD

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We're now the 28 November... and it's still not snowing in Quebec.

And I'm pissed off...Okay, maybe I'm just annoyed. But still.

Since last month, it didn't stop raining. Seriously, it'll be -oh, I don't know- maybe six weeks since we last saw the sun. The sky's all gret, no clouds to be seen.. And it's damn cold out here. >_< Ah well. I just hope it will get warmer (which won't happend, obviously) and snow.

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I can't believe this actually based on true facts. o_o

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Quite nice.


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